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We are an independent community pharmacy in Hampstead, North London running under the same ownership for the last 38 years.  For information about our team see here.

We provide a travel health and vaccination clinic, full range of NHS and Non-NHS pharmacy services and a home visit osteopathy service. 

We are a Designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre.

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We are based opposite the Hampstead Heath Overground Station. 

The nearest tube station: Belsize Park station, on the Northern Line, a ten minute walk.

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2 months ago

Hampstead Heath Pharmacy, Travel Health & Vaccination Clinic

Mums Vs Meningitis is a meningitis disease awareness campaign which aims to unite mothers to help protect children from meningitis through raising awareness and education. Mums Vs Meningitis want to help people understand how significant the first 24 hours are in the life of a child who has contracted meningitis and educate mothers about the important role that treatment and prevention can play.

Read below a blog written by Part Time Working Mummy as part of the Mums Vs Meningitis campaign. For more info take a look at: www.tacklemeningitis.org/protect-my-family.html

#VsMeningitis #TackleMeningitis #MenB #MenBVaccine #MenACWY #MenACWYvaccine #Vaccination #MeningitisA few months ago I took Tallulah to the GP when she was complaining of a sore throat, aching limbs and had a high temperature, by her time we arrived she was closing her eyes to the light as it hurt.
Within a minute of being in the GP’s room she was on the phone to A&E at Torbay Hospital. She then told me she had arranged for Lula to be rushed in because she was concerned her symptoms could be meningitis.
Hearing the word ‘meningitis’ was like someone had punched me in the stomach.
Meningitis almost stole my big cousin when he was eleven years old, when I discussed his illness with my Aunt Marg & Uncle John they told me he was taken to hospital by my Grandma and by the time they arrived nothing could have prepared them for the sight they were met with; he looked like he had been in a fire, his skin had turned black and was peeling off and he needed skin grafts from his thighs meaning his body is forever covered in scars. They were told by Doctors to say their goodbyes and believed their son was going to die in-front of them.

Because of this, and because, as a parent I genuinely didn’t know the symptoms for meningitis until I saw the look of panic in Tallulah’s Doctors face it meant when I was asked to work on the #vsmeningitis campaign with GSK I immediately agreed.

Last month I travelled to London where I interviewed two mums.
I met Geordie, a beautiful toddler who’s mum Sass told me she has lost her hearing due to almost dying from meningitis at just ten weeks old. When she arrived at Hospital she was sent home by a Doctor who said she had a ‘viral infection’. Only when she was driving home she received a call from that Doctor who said he had doubts about his diagnosis so she drove straight back. If she hadn’t of done that her baby would have died.
I met Jas, who’s beautiful daughter Pawaan was just twenty years old and at university with her whole life ahead of her when she was struck with the deadly strain of Men W and died within hours....

....and until I met these mums I didn’t know that’s what meningitis does. It’s clever. It hides in what looks like coughs and colds in babies, it hides in what presents as a hangover in teenagers and young adults and it kills. It steals people that shouldn’t die.

So that’s why I agreed to do this campaign, because as a mum I wasn’t aware, and as a human being that has a role to care for others I know I need to be....because despite meningitis being a preventable disease it’s still killing, and it’s killing because we’re expecting to see a rash which we check with a glass. It’s killing because we’re not aware it’s a hidden killer and we need to act fast and seek help and we need to trust our instincts.

Please - speak to your GP re vaccines & educate yourselves.
Tonight, please visit tacklemeningitis.org website and look for the symptoms.
Please then look at this link to get involved in Matt Dawson’s Thubderclap - www.thunderclap.it/projects/69292-mums-vs-meningitis

Please - Share it, far and wide, so we can continue saving the lives of others💜 #vsmeningitis
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18/05/18 – Update on national stock issues with vaccines:

  1. The 9 valent HPV vaccine is currently out of stock and is likely to be available in July 2018.  Email info@hhpharmacy.co.uk to join our waiting list.

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  3. A limited supply of hepatitis B vaccine (adult & children) is available.

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  6. We have both children & adult hepatitis A+B combination vaccines.

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The #FastestHour. Watch. Share. Be Aware!

Based on a true story, the #FastestHour is a national meningitis awareness campaign. Meningitis kills and maims. Knowing the signs and symptoms could save your life.

Are vaccines safe? How do vaccines work? Why do some people claim there is a link between vaccines and autism?

This video looks at why some people are afraid of something that has saved so many lives, and look at the history and science of vaccines.