Pharmacy Services

Core service

We supply prescription (both NHS and private) and non-prescription medicines and give you good advice about how to use your medicines and highlight any possible side effects.

We offer advice on common problems such as coughs, colds, aches and pains, as well as healthy eating and stopping smoking.  We can also help you decide whether you need to see a doctor.

You can ask to speak to one of our pharmacists in confidence, even about the most personal symptoms, and you don’t need to make an appointment.  We have a private consultation area where you can discuss issues with your pharmacist without being overheard by other members of the public.

Common health complaints, such as coughs, colds and headaches, account for one out of every five GP appointments in England.  Yet many of these can be treated quicker and just as effectively at home using self-care and over-the-counter medicines bought from pharmacies.  For more information visit:Home remedies for common conditionson NHS Choices website.

Repeat NHS Prescription Service

If you have a repeat NHS prescription for a long-term condition, we can help you to manage your repeat prescriptions and save you time.  If you use our repeat prescription service, there is less running from the doctor’s surgery to the pharmacy organising prescriptions, and we can arrange for your medicines to be ready and waiting for you to collect your items on time. 

Contact us by phone, fax, email or in person one week before your next prescription is due and confirm which items you need for your next prescription.  This helps to reduce drug wastage in the NHS, so please let us know if any items are no longer required (seeMedicinewasteUKwebsite for more information).

Note that GP practices require minimum two working days to issue repeat prescriptions so ideally ask us to order your prescriptions from your GP practice 5 days in advance.

For more information about getting help with NHS prescription costs, visit:Prescription costson NHS Choice website.  

 See this link to NHS Choices website for a list of our local NHS GP practices.

Free NHS Medicines Check Up Service

Studies have shown that up to half of us may not be taking our prescribed medicines correctly and could be putting our own health at risk without even realising it.

A Medicines Check Up (formally known as medicines use review) is a free, NHS-funded service that allows you to have a private, face-to-face conversation with our pharmacist about your medicines. It is different to your annual review with your doctor as it focuses on increasing your knowledge of the medicines you take and why you take them, and it helps you to take them more easily.

A Medicines Check Up can help you to understand if you are taking your medicines properly and getting the most from them. During a private consultation with our pharmacist you can talk about any concerns you may have with your current medicines.

See the following video clip from The Royal Pharmaceutical Society for more information on the Medicines Use Review.

 Free NHS New Medicine Service

If you are prescribed a medicine to treat a long-term condition for the first time, you may be able to get extra help and advice about your medicine from your local pharmacist through a free scheme called the New Medicine Service.  You can take part in the service if you have been prescribed a new medicine for any of the following conditions: asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, or have been given a new blood-thinning medicine.  There is good scientific evidence that this service can improve the patient’s length and quality of life while costing the NHS less, when compared with patients who did not receive the service (see the relevant study for more information).

See the following video clip from The Royal Pharmaceutical Society for more information on the New Medicine Service.